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Caitlyn Marie. Twenty, domestic goddess, licensed cosmetologist, amiable, adventurous, & In love like no other. Florida is currently my home. Gavin, tea, traveling, hair, & home decor are a few of my favorite things.

Look at the birds in the sky. They don't plant or harvest or gather food into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. You are more valuable than they are, aren't you? ~ Matthew 6:26

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Nearly the weekend! #chailatte #abeautifulmess  (at Barker Abode)
Gavin got his orders and it looks like we’re moving to NE! It wasn’t on our dream list, but we’re pleasantly surprised. A historical base that’s 25 minutes away from a city twice the size of Orlando, Omaha! Very excited for our newest adventure and first home together. #offuttafb #nebraska #midwest #omaha #wanderlust #airforce #airforcewife #firsthome #newlyweds @gavinbarkerqqq
"Old Souls" love song from my sweet @gavinbarkerqqq + my childhood hero @maxbemis. I have no words. 😭
This year holds so many moments of pure splendor! Really looking forward to everything God has in store for my husband & I this New Year. 😊😁❤
Steven & Javi are too good to me! No longer using cassette tapes, ya’ll! 🎁🙌🎅 (at Merry Christmas)
#tbt #Christmas #Bavaria #Germany #childhood #1998
I’m just having a really good mail day + @elisabethbell melts my heart! 💌 😻 #penpal #snailmail #pickmeups
Only Gavin can maintain his incredible sense of humor even during basic. Lots of words like ‘blast’ ‘fun’ and ‘pain in the ass’ are in these letters. I’m so relieved! “We got our weapons and everybody feels badass. They’re not loaded though -_- Which is a good thing because 25% of our flight has the Indian chief syndrome. Most everyone wants to lead, but their direction and ethics are selfish rather than selfless. We know that we need to work together to ‘win’ this, and we’re slowly figuring it out.” @gavinbarkerqqq
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